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The Exact Step-By-Step Blueprint That Allowed Me to Make TikTok My Marketing Super Power!

How To Get Started With TikTok Marketing

We have a number of marketing experts in our community absolutely squashing it with this
method, and also it's 100% free to do!

Cost-free traffic = a marketer's divine grail!

So how to get started? I suggest you blog post (2) videos for the first (7) days out of the gate.

Don't overthink it.

For many of you, the first week has to do with overcoming your insecurities as well as getting out of your own way. It has to do with understanding you are the only one holding you back. It's about being surprised when you upload a totally amateur video clip that you" had no idea what you were doing" ... as well as seeing it obtain 1,000 views!

And also letting that result motivate you-- like how a "large bite" keeps an angler returning even if he doesn't catch a fish that day.

Here Are A Few Secret Tips

Do some extra research and also study before you to give yourself the best possibility to make each video clip "take off" and also go viral.

Whether a video clip goes viral or not matters a great deal concerning how people react to
your video clip when TikTok shows it to a small "examination team" right when you publish

Do you get hearts? Do you get comments? Do individuals go to your account as well as follow you?

Additionally, do individuals watch your videos completely with and also rewatch them? This is big.

These, to the most effective of our expertise, are all criteria that the TikTok algorithm uses to recognize if your content is involving and worth revealing to others.

Besides, TikTok's objective is to maintain people on the application, so they want to be showing web content to individuals that others have already verified interesting (i.e. has worth or is amusing).

Simple Next Steps

  1. Do some additional research and think through what you want to talk about to ensure it's going to be entertaining or educational. Get ideas from other content creators with videos that are going viral. 
  2. Ask a question and tell them to answer you in the comments.
  3. Ask them to like the video if they got value.
  4. Leave the first comment in your post and let folks know they can ask a question in the comments and you'll answer them - don't be afraid to be the first one to leave a comment on your post, especially if you're offering yourself up to be of service.
  5. Duet with people who have large followings and just react to their post. Be funny. Be outrageous. Be outraged. Be entertaining. Be different. Be anything except boring.
  6. Talk about ideas people can understand. If you're talking about how to "make money online", use analogies and language people will understand, like "Amazon" or β€œe-learning.”

What Are Good TikTok Keywords?

Make Money Online / Wealth / Online Education 

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Content Creation

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Inspiration / Motivation

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These are always changing but this is a great starter list

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